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A community for women who enjoy quiet living, making home, family herbalism, growing and preserving food, nourishing meals, handcrafts, everyday preparedness, homesteading, and more. 

Over a decade of teaching online programs has brought me to this place. A new offering, inspired by the themes of all the programs you’ve loved through the years, distilled into one ongoing classroom and community. A place to revel in the extraordinary pleasures of everyday seasonal living. 

These days, I am firmly planted in the second half of life, and my days look and feel different than when I first began this work. My life experience has deepened, my perspective on many things has shifted, and my understanding of what truly matters is clear. Many of the things I once thought to be gospel have dissolved into curiosity. 

I have grown and my work has grown, but one thing that remains is my steadfast belief in the productivity, quietness, and healing power of Home.

Enroll in Fall 2021

In Hearth & Home, while there will be certain things you can expect on a weekly basis, there will also be a degree of creative spontaneity in the content. This will keep things fresh, inspired, and sustainable.

Everything that I share will draw from my real life day to day experience on a remote homestead in northern Vermont. The best that I have to offer is that which is happening in the moment.

In high summer, I will share the garden and plentiful ways in which we preserve the harvest. In autumn, we’ll stock our pantry and prepare herbal remedies for winter. In the depths of winter, we will cozy up by the wood stove to share craft projects, thoughtful essays, and nourishing recipes. In the heart of springtime, we’ll celebrate maple sugaring season, and forage vibrant green edibles to awaken weary bodies.

Throughout the year, we’ll reflect on life’s simple pleasures and the everyday revolutionary act of making home. My desire is to build a robust community and extensive library of resources that support seasonal living and reverence for a quietly productive, purposefully restful home. 

If you’ve taken workshops with me in the past, you will be familiar with the way I deliver content. You can expect a variety of materials to be delivered primarily in the form of beautifully designed PDFs, audio, video, and plentiful conversation. As always, I aim to provide a valuable experience above and beyond your investment.

What to Expect

  • Weekly, you will receive a combination of recipes, tutorials, articles, seasonal essays, lessons in everyday preparedness, herbal medicine, gardening and preserving how-tos, reflections on the sacred moments of everyday life, and so much more. This will be delivered as beautiful photo-filled posts that will also be structured into printable PDFs so you may keep them in paper form, should you desire. 
  • There will be a bi-monthly podcast in which I’ll share stories, answer your questions, expand on topics, and generally have a friendly visit while you keep busy preparing dinner, puttering about, or knitting in your favorite chair. 
  • Each month you will receive an instructional video that will teach something related to cooking, herbalism, gardening, food preservation, preparedness, foraging, etc. Videos will generally be 20-30 minutes in length, and will sometimes cover a few different topics. 
  • Our private community is one of the things I am most excited about, and it will not take place on Facebook! I’ve wanted this for years, and the time is finally here. We will enjoy all of the benefits of a private Facebook group - sharing photos, swapping recipes, asking questions, telling stories, etc. - without the need for Facebook. This community will take place right on our private website. 
  • There is a mobile friendly app for our website, so your engagement will be seamless if the phone or tablet is your preferred method of visiting. 
  • Visit our website as your schedule allows, there is never a need to sign in at a particular time. Everything is entirely self-paced and to be enjoyed as you wish. As with all of my spaces online, there will be no ads, pop-ups, or anything of the sort. Just calm, inspiring articles, podcasts, videos, and conversations for you to enjoy. 
  • Over the next several months, all of my self-paced workshops will be moved to Hearth & Home. Once nestled inside their new location, they will no longer be available through my blog; they will become wonderful bonuses to the Hearth & Home library. My goal with this is to eventually have the entirety of my work in one location, permanently available. We will start with Country Kitchen: Autumn, and Hibernate, both of which are currently ready and waiting for you inside. 
  • As a member of Hearth & Home, you will have full access to all of the content for the life of your membership. Once content is shared, it will never go away. 
  • And finally, I give you my time. Hearth & Home will allow me to prioritize your questions, engage more fully in conversation, and take your requests for future content. 

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I'm Heather - homemaker, writer of daily life, protector of quiet mornings, grower of food and medicinal herbs. I tend hearth and home in the remote region of northeastern Vermont. For more than a decade part of my work in this world has been creating online gathering places for women to connect and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I am grateful you are here. 

Visit my blog North Ridge Farm. 

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