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Home is where we begin and where we return to. The center of our family's world. Our homes provide refuge, sanctuary, and comfort. There are many ways to go about embracing the role of homemaker, so don't feel like it needs to look a certain way for you. But for all of us, it is an indescribable calling like no other. We tend our homes, care for the animals, hoe the garden, prepare nourishing meals, fluff the nest, and value relationships within.  We do the things a modern life demands of us, but it is the making of home where we feel most deeply rooted.

Inside you will find an ever-growing classroom and community, rooted in the extraordinary pleasures of seasonal living from a domestic point of view. Hearth & Home offers you decades of lived experience in all things related to homemaking, growing and preserving food, family herbalism, preparedness, and homesteading. 

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The weekly lessons for Hearth & Home draw from my daily life on a remote homestead in northern Vermont. 

In high summer, we share the garden and plentiful ways in which to preserve the harvest. In autumn, we stock the pantry and prepare herbal remedies for winter. In the depths of winter, we cozy up by the wood stove to share projects, hygge living, thoughtful essays, and nourishing recipes. In the heart of springtime, we ready our homes for summer living, celebrate maple sugaring, and forage vibrant green edibles to awaken weary bodies. Throughout the year, we reflect on life’s simple pleasures and the everyday revolutionary act of making home.

"Hearth & Home is my favorite place to visit each day, providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with a community of like-minded individuals. The content that Heather creates and shares within the community is informative, inspirational, and evokes feelings of coziness and gratitude for the simple pleasures of life. I especially love the podcasts, with Heather’s soothing voice and the wealth of information she so graciously shares with us. It’s like having a window into her simplistic, yet beautiful world." - Jennifer

"Hearth and Home provides quiet inspiration and encouragement for those of us who love our homes and gardens. Heather consistently shares delicious seasonal recipes and cozy decor and craft ideas as well as practical advice for preparedness and food preservation. I find my membership to Hearth and Home to be so helpful and is time well spent." - Kelly

What to Expect

  • New lessons each Thursday. Topics change with the seasons, but you can expect each publication to be delivered via beautiful photo-filled lessons, videos, podcasts, essays, tutorials, recipes, and how-tos.¬†
  • Deep archives. Over 165 weekly lessons have been delivered over the last 3+ years; all are available to you. Plus new weekly lessons are added for the duration of your membership!
  • Lessons¬†are structured into beautiful, photo-pilled, printable PDFs so you may keep them in paper form, should you choose. In addition, there is always¬†an ink friendly version of every¬†PDF. The choice is yours!
  • A¬†podcast, which has become a member favorite! This is a place for me to share stories, answer questions, expand on topics, and generally have a friendly kitchen table visit with you.¬†
  • Instructional videos¬†that demonstrate lesson topics.¬†
  • A robust, private¬†community that is free from¬†social media.¬†
  • Mobile friendly app for members, so your engagement will be seamless if the phone or tablet is your preferred method of visiting.¬†
  • Everything is entirely self-paced and to be enjoyed as your time allows.¬†
  • Bonus Courses are¬†homemaking workshops¬†that have been offered through my blog¬†over the years. They are now all housed in Hearth & Home as a gift to you. You will find: Country Kitchen, Hibernate, Whole Food Freezer Cooking, and Weekly Food Prep.¬†
  • An incredible user experience is waiting for you. Our site is well-designed, beautiful, and inviting, You will want to curl up with¬†a cup of tea and meander¬†the halls¬†of Hearth & Home for hours and hours. We have put so much thought and care into your member experience, and know that you will find nothing else like it on the Internet!
  • And finally, I give you my time.¬†In a more intimate setting, Hearth & Home allows me to prioritize your questions, engage more fully in conversation, share more of myself than I am willing to share on social media, and take your requests for future content.¬†¬†

Hearth & Home is an ever growing body of work that so far includes over 500 recipes, tutorials, videos, podcasts, and lessons.

I would love to welcome you as a member!

"I have been appreciating this course very much. I am inspired by your pantry keeping and am in the process of turning my family’s into an abundant resource. I have tried many of your recipes and they are outstanding. I have made chicken enchiladas multiple times for my family since becoming a member only a few months ago! You have quality content and I appreciate your knowing, confident and humble delivery." - Paula

"I have truly enjoyed my time at Hearth and Home. After taking several of Heather's classes through the years, I signed up right away for the full year. Each week, this space is a touchstone out of the busy world and into the world I truly care about: my hearth, my home. Hearth and Home helps me remember what matters to me and reminds me that there are people like me in this world, women who are slowly and surely changing this world for the better on their small (or large!) pieces of land. I live on a 1/8 acre in the city, and this membership is invaluable to me - so it is appropriate for anybody, anywhere!" - Alaina

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"I look forward to reading my Hearth and Home posts and seeing what our community is up to! Heather has put together wonderful videos, workshops, and how-to’s for us. I’ve been following her for years on the different blogs she’s written but there’s so much new content here to follow at your own pace and keep forever!" - Bernadette

Your Hostess


I'm Heather - homemaker, writer of daily life, protector of quiet mornings, grower of food and medicinal herbs. I tend hearth and home in the remote region of northeastern Vermont. For more than a decade part of my work in this world has been creating online gathering places for women to connect and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I am grateful you are here. 

Visit my blog North Ridge Farm. 

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"Hearth & Home is the warm welcome you hope it will be. A gentle place for like minded learners to gather together in community. A growing library of practical, beautiful home and farm wisdom. In a dark and shaky world, Heather has chosen to create a steady, sheltered space, light a candle, put the kettle on and invite us into the conversation." - Catrina